Statement on the Split in AF3IRM

News has recently surfaced regarding a split in the organization known as AF3IRM. We will not go into the details of this split here, as the comrades directly involved have already published their own principled criticism of AF3IRM and summation of the issues leading up to the split (find their statement here: Since the initial statement was published on February 6th, the number of signatories has only continued to grow, sitting at 48 at the time of our writing this article. 

At this time, the Chicago Chapter of the Revolutionary Maoist Coalition wants to extend our unconditional solidarity and support to the brave comrades who have broken with the liberal leadership of AF3IRM. Building a revolutionary women’s movement that is 1) free from both male-chauvinism as well as bourgeois liberal feminism, and 2) based in proletarian feminism, anti-imperialism, national liberation, and scientific socialism is one of the most pressing tasks of our movement today. We applaud the bravery and revolutionary discipline exhibited by the comrades who are now working to forge their own path forward in accomplishing this goal. Let it be known that you are not alone, and that we in RMC – Chicago are happy to aid in this work in any way possible. 

Moreover, we formally denounce the actions of AF3IRM leadership not only for the liberal, pro-imperialist, anti-democratic tendencies which led to the split, but also for the manipulation and misinformation — described by one former-member that left during the split as “psychological warfare” — employed by them in the wake of the split. Those who remain in leadership have audaciously claimed that only two members of AF3IRM have left, denied the existence of the split, and claimed that social media pages formerly affiliated with AF3IRM which have posted about the split have simply been hacked. This should be seen for what it is: utter cowardice. It exhibits nothing else other than a fear of accountability; a fear of ideological struggle and criticism; a fear of the truth. 

We wish all 48 signatories of the document shedding light on the split the best of luck in continuing their struggle for a revolutionary proletarian feminist line. You comrades are justified, brave, and supported by revolutionary women and gender-oppressed people everywhere. 

Down with imperialist “feminism”!
Proletarian feminism forever! 
Long live the women’s struggle! 
Long live the international proletariat! 

Executive Committee
Revolutionary Maoist Coalition – Chicago


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